Genertec established Ankara Liaison Office in Turkey in 2005 developing the former body of a subsidiary. 

Genertec Liaison Office in Turkey is the business developer of her subsidiaries. Main duty of our office is being a bridgehead between Chinese and Turkish markets while creating business opportunities benefiting both countries. Our office paves the way for cooperation between the subsidiaries and Turkish enterprises as following the sectoral updates in Turkey closely.

With the association of our liaison office, our subsidiary specialized on mechanical and electrical equipments, China National Machinery Import&Export (Group) Corporation (short name ​CMC) has set up a branch office in Ankara in 2006 after winning the tender for construction of the 2. phase of Ankara-İstanbul High Speed railway along with the consortium. The company constructed 2 parts of the project (İnönü to Vezirhan, Vezirhan to Köseköy) and delivered on 25th of July, 2014.

Moreover, our subsidiary China National Light Industrial Products Imp. & Exp. Corporation (Chinalight) set up a limited company in İstanbul in October of 2013. Chinalight boosts importing mine products from Turkey. Also the company started to import textile and food products recently.  


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